The story...

The story...

Postby FX Lord Ice » Sat Jun 20, 2015 6:50 pm

The story...of this 6 Months Forex Course.

This forex course, was requested by my Facebook Group members. Now, thanks to you all, my Main Group is the biggest Forex Trading Group on Facebook:

I started to share, initially on my own Facebook profile (late December, 2011), my technical analysis charts, as trader:

And that was after a long period of time (+3y), after leaving all the online communities in this field (forex forums mainly), because the communities started to grow and it was so much "noise" around... since everyone used to share their own ideas of trading. Still is...and probably you notice yourself, that most of those ideas, doesn’t really work, on the long run.

When I started to share my own charts, on Facebook, people started to ask questions. They saw my Technical Analysis&Forecast is working. So, they asked more financial instruments and more details about it. And they wanted to see me charting live. This is the basic idea for my FREE "Weekly Forex Market Briefing", video and charts (Weekly, Daily, H4), today:

After a while, we found out that even if we use the same knowledge and tools, we do things differently, when it comes to trading. So, they asked for some detailed files (docs), as lessons, for each tool, that I use. And I've started to put it all, on paper. And I've built Facebook Groups (classes), for free. I even started live meetings, 2h each day, from Monday to Friday. Back then, there were few hundreds people each month, that used to join us. But after a while, people used to join and remain inactive members. While I've continue to work like mad each day, just to share this knowledge for free.

And hit me: if people don't appreciate my free work, maybe they'll care about their money...So, I started to charge a small fee, for my course. It did solved, somehow, this issue. But not entirely. That’s why my forex course fee, became bigger, just because for some people it was still ...just "coffee money"...

I never wanted to teach in this field. I personally don’t need this hard work for such low income. But, I have to agree with my students, I have so much to share about trading, personal trading experience and a personal way of reading the charts.

My goal was to train, a group of traders to help me with the biggest online trading community in the world. And why not, to build together a company...eventually. But I can’t afford to spend time, with lots of people, that when they learn enough to trade for them self, they leave my communities (as many did by now), without giving something back to the community. So, I will select those people that trade like me, eventually. And I will just find a way to return their initial investment (course fee), when and if they want to be involved in my communities ("Partnership Program", was launched in the November 10, 2016 - it’s an affiliate based program, that will allow you to earn money, just by sharing my website links, under your referral or Partner code).

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you will join this course, to become a trader and to trade for yourself, or you want to be part of the management team, eventually. I just hope this course, will make us all speak the same trading language.

Thank you all for your support and constant feedback!

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