Frequently Asked Question (Forex Course)

Frequently Asked Question (Forex Course)

Postby FX Lord Ice » Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:15 pm

Frequently Asked Question* (Forex Course)
* Will be updated, based on your questions. Do you have a question and you can't find the answer, here? Feel free to send me an email to:

► Why is it a 6 months course?

It’s the recommended time for studying this forex course lessons. And to build practice charts/each lesson. Especially, if you are involved into other daily activities (school, jobs, etc).
But you are free to study it, on your own pace. However I recommend you to allow yourself to study and practice properly, the minimum days/lesson:
1. BEGINNERS LEVEL – 1 month (1 lesson/3 days)
2. INTERMEDIATE LEVEL – 1 month (1 lesson/5 days)
3. ADVANCED LEVEL – 1 month (1 lesson/8 days)
4. MASTER CLASS – 3 months
This Class is for those that completed all the previous module classes.
First month is a total recap of all the previous lessons (1 lesson/day), followed by 2 months of live practice (but still demo), before opening a real account. There will be some extra lessons or final updates of the previous tools, as well, plus 10 New Master Class Lessons.
After attending my course, you will participate into this free program group, to receive guidance before opening your real account. Here, we will develop a personal trading program for you, accordingly to your trading hours, account balance, accepted risk, strategy, etc. And you will test it on demo, for as long as it takes, before opening a real trading account.

► Will I be profitable after this course?

Nobody can promise you that. But, since you have the Demo exercises for each class and the Master Class 2 months live practice (still Demo, with all the tools from this course), you can decide for yourself if you can start your Real Money trading activity. If not, feel free to study more, on each class, until you are profitable on the Demo account, at least (Money Management Program)

► Can I post on this forum (open my own threads)?

No. On all the Beginners / Intermediate Level / Advanced Class Lessons / Master Class.
You will have this option on the Money Management Program, only (Student’s posts section).

► Will I still have access to this forum and the forex course materials, after these 6 months?

Yes. It’s lifetime membership, for as long as my website will be in place. So, you can recap your practice charts reviews/each lesson and participate with the next classes, on our live meetings, anytime you want to.

► Will we still have weekly live meetings?

No. Since everyone can attend this course on his own pace, now, we’ll have monthly meetings for each class. And for each class we have the meetings announcement section. In case you can’t attend (different GMT, let’s say), feel free to ask me your questions, there. I will record these meetings and I will answer to your questions. And you can watch the video, later, to get your answers.

► How much time should I wait for you to answer to my questions or to correct my charts?

As soon as possible. I’m around, daily, from Monday to Friday, between 09:00am to 17:00pm, GMT 0 (London’s hours). But, due to the huge amount of work, please allow me up to 24h, to answer to your questions.

► Will we have any materials update?

Yes. I’m always trying to improve the lessons, charts, based on your questions, to make it suited for your needs.

► Will I have access to any updates or new materials?

Yes. You will have unlimited access to all the new materials, from each class, since you unlocked that class section (module).

► Am I allowed to give you feedback?

Yes. I encourage you, actually. Especially about the grammar mistakes (English is not my native language), miss calculations and ways to improve these lessons, to make it suited for you and everybody else.

► Am I allowed to ask you about different strategies and tools, that aren’t present in this course?

No. I prefer to speak about those 20% things, that really worked for me as a trader. I use known tools, but in a different way and combinations, based on my own trading experience.

► Any other suggestions, before starting this course?

Yes. Try to „unlearn” everything you know about trading. As you probably noticed already, 80% of what you found on the web, is not really working, on the long run. Focuse on studying each lesson, build charts for my review and ask me questions. And, don’t forget to test it all, on a Demo account, when you test the practice exercises.

Hope this helps. Do you have a question and you can't find the answer, here? Feel free to send me an email to:

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